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"Dear Alison, 
Thank you for taking the time to so thoroughly and expertly assess Mia's tongue and lip ties! She is a totally different baby now that they've been released, and I am so enjoying our breastfeeding relationship
these days.  We are so grateful for all you
did for our family, and all the education and resources you provided for both John and I.  We can't thank you enough!"
                                           -Kelly P.

 "The smile on Jackson's face and the pride that practically oozes out of him is all
thanks to you!  He is so confident now when he is talking, we can't believe the change and growth we've seen in him during this last year with you.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for Jackson, and all the support you have given to all 5 of us!  We couldn't have done this without you, and feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with you.  You'll always be a part of our family!"                                  
                                            -Jenna A. 


"My son was referred to Alison by his dentist. Alison evaluated him and in fact, he had tongue tie. We started seeing Alison on a weekly basis right away. Our sessions started in February 2021 and my son had his tongue tie release surgery in July and he ‘graduated’ from her ‘class’ end of August! During those sessions, Alison was so patient with my son, listened to everything my son chatted about, even when he went off the topic, and she knew how to bring his attention and focus back. She is VERY knowledgeable and she is an expert and THE BEST in this field. She is just the best. Her session notes are AHHHHMAAAAZIIING! Surgery alone would not have delivered what we were wishing for. Her therapy sessions are a MUST BEFORE the surgery as well as AFTER. My son can now move his tongue in ways he never has done in his life! He swallows better, eats better, and sleeps better breathing through his nose. I cannot thank Alison enough. She’s simply THE BEST! I highly recommend her!"

                                                                                             - Stephanie J. 

"Alison is the absolute best! We had such a great experience for our daughter. I learned so much from Alison to help my daughter progress with language development. The only reason we aren’t going to her anymore is because we moved! We miss her dearly !! You cant go wrong with her as a teacher for your child!"                                     - Jillian F. 

"After 11 years, Alison was finally the person who put all the pieces of my son's puzzle together.  That sense of relief is something I can't put into words.  She got us connected to all the right airway professionals to meet each of his needs.  We are so grateful and Aidan has loved his sessions.  Alison's "homework" is the only homework he will do willingly.  There's a reason our local mom's group recommends her so highly!"  - Gina T. 

Here to help, every step of the way.  Call or email today and let's see what we can accomplish together! 

"I'm not sure where we'd be if it weren't for Alison.  When we met, Liam's diet consisted of 7 foods, and he was struggling with eating, growing, and gaining weight.  Working with Alison helped our whole family in ways I never thought possible.  Her whole child (and whole family) approach to feeding therapy is unique and incredibly effective. We are so thankful for all the support and coaching we have received as parents.  Liam is thriving and we are thrilled!"                                - Greg D.

"Alison is a wonderful speech therapist.  She is passionate about her kiddos.  She always had great, motivating activities for my son to make him speak.  Now he is 4.5 yo and I credit her for setting his foundation.  He is now quite the chatterbox!"                                 -Maeve H.  

"Alison is an amazing, effective, and genuinely caring Speech Language Pathologist...The drastic changes that we experienced in our time working with Alison provided such a feeling of accomplishment for Gabe, and built a relationship that means so much to our family.  I truly can't say enough about how incredible Alison is, both as a person and professional."              -Dave F. 


"My daughter saw Alison for 6-9 months.  She was struggling with her 'r' sound and had been seeing another therapist for two years but we couldn't seem to make much progress.  I knew we needed a change.  I found Alison and she was such a delight.  She connected with my daughter immediately.  Her personality is so bubbly and energetic.  She made the therapy fun.  My daughter never dreaded going and Alison was able to motivate her to meet her goals.  We are so thankful that we found Alison.  Our daughter is thriving.  She is much more confident participating in class, reading out loud and doing theater productions.  I would highly recommend Alison to any parent looking for a speech therapist.  She was amazing."                                                           -Shannon E.

"My daughter saw Alison for speech articulation issues for approximately 9 months.  Alison was able to tailor treatment to my daughter's abilities and interests so that she was excited to go to speech and was eager to meet each goal set for her.  Alison made suggestions for ways we could continue working at home and navigating services through the public schools.  Most importantly, Alison took an active interest in the success of our daughter, encouraged and pushed her to find her best voice.  I firmly believe that our daughter was able to make such dramatic improvements in a short period of time because of Alison."
                              -Lauren M. 


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